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Provide Clean Air, Protect Your Staff, Save Lives


After a ten-week lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the begin to open their doors and staff return to work amid concerns for the safety of staff.   The Importance of Clean Air The importance of clean air and the health and safety of employees (whilst in work) has never been of such paramount ...

Occupational Asthma: Do you Complete Health Surveillance Assessments?


HSE conducted a series of telephone interviews to assess what percentage of companies carry out health surveillance assessments. From the research, HSE found that from 457 organisations that participated in the research, 67% reported they actively carried out health surveillance assessments. Furthermore, of those organisations which declared processes that involve exposure to asthmagens only 19% carried out some ...

The HSE Tighten Their ‘Dustbuster’ Belts to reduce Workplace Dusts


The HSE’s ‘Dustbuster Belt’ In June 2019, the HSE announced that they’re tightening their ‘dustbuster’ belts on businesses to assess how well they’re protecting workers from dust exposure in the workplace. The new ‘dustbuster’ campaign aims to raise awareness to both workers and employers of the life-changing/threatening health risks that dust exposure ...

Get up-to-date: New COSHH Essential Guidance Now Available


In May 2019, the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) released new COSHH essential guidance sheets for rubber, woodworking, ceramics, brick and tile to help employers, the self-employed and franchisees to comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH).  As part of the update, the HSE have fragmented different processes to give clearer guidance ...

HSE Weld Fume: Safety Concerns Raised


  Earlier this month, the HSE issued a safety alert about the change in enforcement expectations for mild steel welding fumes, which begs the question to be asked… Does your business comply and have adequate welding fume extraction?   HSE’s Mild Steel Welding Fumes Enforcement Expectation The reclassification will see the HSE’s enforcement expectation ...