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High Vacuum Dust Extraction

Our range of high vacuum dust extraction systems is purposely built and designed for various applications, such as body shop dust extraction, cleaning and welding and grinding processes where specific at-source dust extraction is required.

Auto Extract System's high-vacuum dust filtration units are for use in conjunction with our fixed drops, semi-flexible drops and hanging dust modules. They can be supplied in four capacities; 3kW, 4kW, 7.5kW and 11kW. High vacuum systems are commonly known as 'hi-vac' systems.

Depending on usage, dust vacuum units can be specified to suit the needs of your business's dust filtration requirements and can accommodate between up to 24 simultaneously high vacuum dust extraction drops. Air supplies terminate at a low-level position and come complete with an isolator valve.


How Do High Vacuum Dust Extraction Systems Work?

High-vacuum dust extraction systems feature an automatic reverse-jet cleaning system to prolong the life of the filters. They feature a reverse pulse compressed air mechanism to release dust (from the filtration unit) into a disposable dust bag, via a one-way shutter valve.

They're the best vacuum dust extractor as they capture dust at-source. They capture dust on the power tool, minimising the quantity of dust that can disperse into large or small workshops.

These high vacuum dust filters clean 99.9% of fine dust in the air. Hi-vac extraction units automatically initiate the filter cleaner cycle throughout a working day, thus ensuring the continued suction performance and efficiency of the filters.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are precisely engineered and robustly tested to provide unrivalled performance and reliability, offering businesses excellent suction power and dust control. They feature a vacuum pump that’s directly coupled with a dynamic compression system and a twin-vacuum gauge to monitor the filtration status. Whilst, a quiet operation of 72-dB (A) ensures that they are suitable for use within the working environment.


Reliable and Durable

High vacuum dust extraction systems are effective in all workshops and industrial facilities and are versatile to meet your exact requirements. Centralised hi-vac systems provide reliable dust extraction across up to 24 points in the system and its modular assembly is built around one primary unit.

Connecting directly to power tools, they offer the user effective and efficient dust removal at-source each time any tools are used, reducing contamination in the workplace and increasing the productivity of employees.


Increased Productivity Whilst Minimising Costs

High vacuum extraction systems are reliable and the Teflon-coated triple filters remove 99.9% of dust particles and last up to 3 years or approximately 5000 hours. This ensures they have minimal servicing requirements. In addition, they feature direct driven turbines, which are capable of delivering continuous power and have no belts to break down.

Finally, the steel pipework is powder-coated and anti-static and features smooth curves to reduce friction and optimise airflow. Units can also be specified to be ATEX rated too.


Features and Benefits

  • Functional and durable workstations to suit your service requirements.
  • Dust extraction, compressed air or electricity where you need it in your workshop.
  • Wall-mounted or suspension modules that work universally with any make of tool.
  • Custom build options also available for specialised requirements.
  • Reliable dust extraction at source to reduce contamination.
  • Operate in industrial, automotive, aerospace and educational applications.
  • Adaptable to any size of workshop, plant or fabrication facility.
  • Connects with three to 24 workstations to provide services to each work area.


The Right Bodyshop Dust Extraction System For Your Needs

At Auto Extract Systems, we can find the right solution for your business to safely remove respirable and inhalable dust from your working environment. We only use the highest quality products and installations come complete with a 12-month installation warranty.

To find out more about high vacuum dust extraction and how we can help you find the right local exhaust ventilation (LEV) system for you and your business, head over to our News section. To arrange a free site assessment, call us on +44 (0)1942 267444 or click the yellow Request My Free Assessment button above.


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Case Study Mock Up

To find out more about the latest LEV installations we've been working on, check out our Case Studies section.


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We'll call to arrange a convenient time and date to visit your site. We'll analyse your working processes, assess the substances used and the contaminants generated. We'll work out how best to control the dust and fume in a way that's in line with your COSHH risk assessment. Next, we'll design you a comprehensive LEV system that adheres to HSG258 guidance and send this you to via email. 

We'll do all this to ensure we fully understand your dust and fume extraction requirements and help you to provide a pollution-free workplace!

This is an amazing service we do for thousands of businesses throughout the UK and Ireland every year. We work with such a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing, industrial, woodworking, pharmaceutical and automotive workshops to schools, colleges and military establishments. 

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Why Choose Us?

Auto Extract Systems Ltd is the UK’s leading Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) company. Over the last 20 years, we've helped thousands of businesses create dust and fume free workplaces.

As experts in all things LEV, we can help your business become COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulation 2002 compliant with a tailored LEV solution. We provide comprehensive design, installation, maintenance and certification services across a range of industry sectors. Find out more about us here.

Why Work With Us?

celebrating 20 years’ of service

Celebrating 20 Years’ of Service

experts across multiple industries

Experts Across Multiple Industries

high quality lev design, supply & installation

High Quality LEV Design, Supply & Installation

fully accredited with chas, iso and more!

Fully Accredited With CHAS, ISO and More!

12 month installations warranty

12 Month Installations Warranty

free lev site assessments, uk-wide

Free LEV Site Assessments, UK-Wide

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