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What is an Industrial Ventilation System?


Industrial ventilation systems are an essential piece of equipment in most workplaces they provide a health and safety measure to protect staff and stakeholders from harmful workplace contaminants. Industrial ventilation systems are designed to ensure that airborne contaminants are controlled and removed from the worker’s breathing zone to improve indoor air quality.  If a ...

HSE Welding Fume Inspections – Top Tips to Pass


HSE has announced that their inspectors are continuing to visit businesses across Great Britain as part of their targeted HSE welding fume inspection programme.  HSE is checking that businesses who are undertaking welding processes and use water-based metalworking fluids to check that they are being correctly managed to minimise the exposure and risk to workers’ ...

Keep Calm and Carry on COSHH Testing


Keep calm and carry on LEV testing is the advice from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). HSE have updated the latest information for engineering, metalworking and motor vehicle repair businesses concerning the examination and testing of work equipment, as businesses across the UK reopen their doors after the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.   LEV Testing: ...

Provide Clean Air, Protect Your Staff, Save Lives


After a ten-week lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the begin to open their doors and staff return to work amid concerns for the safety of staff.   The Importance of Clean Air The importance of clean air and the health and safety of employees (whilst in work) has never been of such paramount ...

Occupational Asthma: Do you Complete Health Surveillance Assessments?


HSE conducted a series of telephone interviews to assess what percentage of companies carry out health surveillance assessments. From the research, HSE found that from 457 organisations that participated in the research, 67% reported they actively carried out health surveillance assessments. Furthermore, of those organisations which declared processes that involve exposure to asthmagens only 19% carried out some ...