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Engineering Company Fined for Metalworking Fluid Exposure


An engineering company that works in the automotive sector company was sentenced and fined in May 2021 after an employee developed an allergic form of dermatitis after being exposed and coming into contact with metalworking fluids. In April 2019, an employee was splashed in the face and upper body with metalworking fluid whilst cleaning a grinding machine. ...

HSE Welding Fume Inspections – Top Tips to Pass


HSE has announced that their inspectors are continuing to visit businesses across Great Britain as part of their targeted HSE welding fume inspection programme.  HSE is checking that businesses who are undertaking welding processes and use water-based metalworking fluids to check that they are being correctly managed to minimise the exposure and risk to workers’ ...

What are the Dangers of Welding Fumes?


    What are the Dangers of Welding Fume? A commonly asked question by many fabrication and manufacturing workshops across the UK and Ireland is what are the dangers of welding fume? In this blog, we’ve assessed what welding fumes are, how the different compounds affect your body, the risks associated to exposure and the ...