LEV Testing

Get HSE Compliant with our LEV Testing Service

LEV Testing

Get HSE compliant with our annual LEV testing service. In our LEV testing UK service, we'll take care of your LEV system's testing to ensure that it is functioning correctly and is compliant with the latest HSE regulations.



Step 1

Get In Touch

Our LEV Maintenance team will arrange a date that’s convenient to you for our P601 certified inspection engineer to visit your workplace and perform a LEV (local exhaust ventilation) test, as per the HSE's HSG258 guidance.


Step 2

A Thorough LEV Test

Our P601-qualified engineer will visit your workplace to perform the LEV test of the prescribed LEV systems and document all the findings to complete a thorough report.

Step 3


LEV test reports are thoroughly checked over by our administration team and are uploaded into our safe and secure LEV Report Portal for you to access at your leisure.

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Benefits of Working with Us

Over 80 years of combined experience in maintaining specialist LEV equipment

  • P601 qualified LEV testing engineers
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Strategically-based in Greater Manchester to serve all national clients
  • LEV testing and certification on all types of LEV systems
  • Tailored service level agreements available



I would have no hesitation recommending Auto Extract Systems to any potential company requiring their services. I've used them for all our annual LEV testing, certification and repairs over the last 4 years and have been extremely pleased with the service from their staff; they're helpful, professional and committed to giving the best value. The aftercare is second-to-none and the LEV Report Portal is very useful!


Fleet Supervisor

LEV Testing

LEV Testing UK during the COVID-19 outbreak: Your legal obligations


HSE expects duty holders to make all reasonable efforts to arrange for LEV equipment to be tested and carried out within the statutory time limits during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The legal obligation to ensure that work plant and equipment is maintained and is safe to use remains in place.

Auto Extract System's team of P601-qualified LEV testing engineers have been fully operational during the pandemic and are able to assist you and your business with essential maintenance testing services. Get in touch today!

Read the full guidance about LEV testing from the HSE during the COVID-19 outbreak here.


LEV Testing

An LEV test is also commonly known as a Thorough Examination and Testing (TExT) or a COSHH test/COSHH Testing. Tests form part of regulation 9 of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) assessment. This ensures that adequate control measures are in place to protect workers who regularly work with substances that are hazardous. The tests ensure that the extraction equipment is maintained in efficient working order. Extraction system testing is a process whereby an extraction unit's air flows are measured against its initial benchmarked performance levels. An annual LEV test is built from these three core areas...

1. Checking and Maintenance

Checking and maintenance include the examination of the local exhaust ventilation system's condition, including:

  • flexible ducts
  • mechanical integrity (including corrosion, damage, seals, dampers, and sash suspensions)
  • cleanliness of hoods (including canopies and duct interiors)
  • the operation of LEV monitors
  • airflow indicators
  • pressure relief or inerting systems
  • leakages
  • illumination in booths and hoods
  • noise levels
  • alarm systems operate correctly
  • water quality check (if appropriate)
  • make-up air (without draughts or blockages)
  • and to list spare parts (if required)

2. A Thorough Examination and Test

An annual LEV test report details:

  • LEV identity (including its location)
  • The time and date the LEV test was performed
  • The control and test methods employed
  • The comparison with commissioning or subsequent LEV test reports, where available

3. Technical Performance

Technical performance includes:

  • measuring the static pressure target values in the duct
  • the points and other identified points
  • the target velocities for each point and other velocities
  • the operators' exposure compared to exposure benchmark performance levels


A Thorough LEV Testing Report

The most detailed report in the industry...

Our LEV Testing Report is one of the most thorough and detailed reports in the industry. We stringently test LEV systems to ensure they're performing as per the initial benchmarked performance levels and adhere to HSE's HSG258 guidance.



What Does The Law State About LEV Testing?

It is a legal requirement for an employer to look after the welfare of its employees. COSHH regulations (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) of 2002 and HSE guidance HSG258 state that: "LEV equipment should be thoroughly examined and tested at least once every 14 months." Tests of LEV systems should be in good working order and in good repair.

In addition, HSE requires an LEV system's records and manuals should be kept in a logbook for at least five years and be kept readily accessible at any reasonable time for an examination.

Regular risk assessments will assist you to control exposures to hazardous substances. We always recommend nominating a competent person to complete regular risk assessments. We've put together a post on the '7 Essential Elements of COSHH', which can be utilised FREE to help your business control exposure to dust and fumes. In addition, we also recommend regular staff health surveillance. These steps can help identify whether or not personal protective equipment


 Additional LEV Testing Benefits

Minimise Overheads

We maintain a secure LEV Test Report PortalA digital file-sharing platform whereby automatic reminders are sent out to help keep you HSE-compliant. It will also archive documentation after 5 years (as per the HSE's recommendations) to save you time and money on administration efforts.

Minimising Costs and Disruption

We are an established LEV business with over 80 years of experience. We recommend combining both LEV Testing and LEV Servicing services together, typically into one single visit, so it's less disruptive to your schedule.


Minimising Downtime

By scheduling regular maintenance, as part of a PPM (planned preventative maintenance) schedule helps to prevent unplanned breakdowns. Having a comprehensive PPM in place can prevent the potential for breakdown, confirm safety, and ensure the LEV system is in an efficient working condition for operation.



How Frequent Should LEV Systems Be Tested?

We typically recommend regular testing is carried out, typically every 12 months for regularity. However, there are some exceptions to some specific processes, where LEV systems are legally required to have an LEV test more frequently...


Jute cloth manufacturing: Processes in which blasting is carried out in or incidental to the cleaning of metal castings, in connection with their manufacture.

Six Monthly

Processes (other than wet processes) where metal articles (other than of gold, platinum, or iridium) are ground, abraded or polished using mechanical power. These are required in any room where processes giving off dust or fumes in which non-ferrous metal castings are produced for more than 12 hours in any week.



What if an LEV System Fails Its Test?

In the scenario that an LEV system fails to meet the required benchmark performance levels, recommendations will be made for maintenance work to be completed. A remedial works quotation will be assembled to reinstate the LEV system back to the required benchmarked performance levels.

Should LEV Systems Be Serviced?

As part of a thorough PPM (planned preventative maintenance) schedule, we also recommend that LEV equipment should be serviced at least every 12-months and more frequently if its usage is high. This is so it operates within its required benchmark performance and reduces hazardous substances exposure. So, to ensure longevity is preserved, we always recommend that LEV testing UK is completed in tandem with LEV Servicing.

Want to Save Money?

We can save you money on your LEV testing and servicing with comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLA). We can tailor a bespoke SLA for your exact local exhaust ventilation requirements.


We Do Exceptional Customer Service

We conducted over 7,200 LEV tests during 2019. 16% of the LEV test inspections carried out revealed that they had defects that could pose an imminent risk of ill-health to employees.

Customer service forms the foundation of our business and we take a great deal of pride in delivering the highest standard service. We know we offer the most thorough and complete service available in our field.


Safeguard Your Business Today

If HSE inspects your workplace and finds your business to be in breach of health and safety law, you will liable to pay them for their time. Their time will be used to help identify what is wrong and help you put it right. This scheme is known as ‘Fee for Intervention’ (FFI) and is in place to recover costs incurred from the inspection, investigation and enforcement actions. The current rate is £157 plus VAT (per hour).

Reduce the risk of ‘No-Win, No Fee’ negligence claims. Poor air quality can damage a worker's long and short-term health, whilst also impacting their productivity and ability to work. Some common health implications caused by exposure to contaminants (such as fumes, dust, vapours, and mists) can lead to occupational asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and even cancers.

Safeguard your business against uncontrollable FFI costs and potential liability claims with a comprehensive LEV system. Auto Extract Systems offer FREE workplace assessments to help your business comply with ‘HSG258: Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work: A Guide to Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)’ guidance.


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