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In HSE's HSG258 (Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work: A Guide to Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) 3rd Edition) guidance, it explains how to help employers utilise local exhaust ventilation (LEV) to effectively control oil mist exposure in the workplace.In the guidance, the HSE recommending controlling before employees breathe them in reduces the risk.Mists (typically oil) are small liquid particles that are generated from an industrial process, such as spraying, electroplating or steam. They vary in the particle size range from 0.01 μm to 100 μm, however, the size distribution may change as volatile liquids evaporate.

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Metalworking operations use complex, high-speed cutting tools which require large volumes of fluids to effectively operate. These either cool metal workpieces or lubricate the machinery's tooling during the operation. Several by-products can be produced that can include oil or coolant mist or oil mist smoke. These mists, vapours or smoke can affect the sensitivity of the electronics in machinery and can result in disruption to operations.

At Auto Extract Systems, we have a variety of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) solutions to suit your business’ needs. Auto Extract Systems Ltd are accustomed to helping all kinds of metalworking businesses in providing pollution-free workplaces for their staff.


What Does HSE Recommend?

In HSE INDG365: Working Safely with Metalworking Fluids guidance, it is recommended that businesses use any enclosures or engineering controls, such as local exhaust ventilation (LEV) to remove or control any mist or vapours produced from the operation process. Workers’ are likely to be at the highest risk of exposure where there are inadequate ventilation arrangements.

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