You’re in a workshop. You can smell the thick scent of sawdust in the air. Of course, it means that your team is working hard to fulfil all the incoming orders. But you know that this odour also signals something else: an unseen threat. “I’ll take care of it later”, you think, occupied with other things.

However, right at your desk, you notice that a delicate layer of dust has accumulated on every corner, underscoring the need for urgent attention. There’s no room for anxiety here, only a call for smart, swift action. What’s your next move?

Find the answer you’re looking for with Auto Extract Systems, the premier supplier of fume and dust LEV systems in the UK. Catering to a spectrum of sectors, from the hum of workshop floors to the precision of metalworking – and extending to industries like oil and gas, food production, and automotive – we’re here to bolster the safety and productivity of your workspace.


Our Popular LEV Systems

Auto Extract Systems takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of solutions, each designed to target and eliminate specific airborne contaminants that are by-products of industrial processes. From the intense heat of the welder’s arc to the subtle danger of silica particles, we have a tailored solution to meet the challenge. Find out more.


Welding Fume Extraction

Mobile Welding Fume Extractor

Welding operations, known for their critical role in fabrication and construction industries, come with a significant health risk due to the fumes generated. These fumes are a hazardous mixture of metallic oxides, silicates, and fluorides. It’s here that our welding fume extraction systems become essential.

We offer solutions from portable units to sophisticated reverse pulse filtration systems. These are crafted to not only protect workers from the health risks associated with exposure to different types of steel but also to enhance workplace efficiency and productivity.

Learn more about welding fume extraction.


Silica Dust Extraction

Silica Dust

Silica dust, commonly produced during the cutting, grinding, or drilling of materials like stone, concrete, and masonry, poses a significant danger in the workplace. Prolonged exposure to breathable crystalline silica can lead to silicosis, an incurable lung disease, and other respiratory conditions. To combat this, silica dust extraction systems are critical.

The design and function of the equipment provided by Auto Extract Systems are sophisticated. They are engineered to comply with stringent health and safety regulations, ensuring that the finest and most dangerous particles are effectively removed from the air.

Beyond compliance, implementing a robust extraction system also enhances the operational efficiency of the workplace. Keeping equipment clean and reducing the abrasive wear caused by silica particles contributes to maintaining the integrity and longevity of machinery, ultimately optimising productivity.

Learn more about silica dust extraction.

Oil Mist Extraction

Oil Mist Extraction

Oil Mist Extraction systems are essential in industries where lubricants and coolants are used in lathe turning, milling, drilling, wet grinding and spark suppression. The fine mists created during these operations, if not properly contained and filtered, can lead to slippery floors, contaminated work surfaces, and potential health risks due to inhalation and prolonged skin exposure.

The systems use filters to trap the oil particles, returning clean air to the environment and, in many cases, allowing for the recycling of the collected oil, which can lower costs and reduce environmental impact.

Installing an oil mist extraction system ensures compliance with occupational health and safety regulations, minimises the risk of fire hazards associated with the accumulation of flammable mists, and contributes to a cleaner, more productive working environment.

Learn more about oil mist extraction.


Wood Dust Extraction


In the world of woodworking, creating wood dust and chips is inevitable. Yet, this seemingly innocuous by-product is more than just a nuisance—it’s a health hazard that can provoke respiratory troubles, irritate the skin, and even ignite fires.

That’s where our wood dust extraction systems step in. These solutions are highly effective at intercepting wood waste right where it’s generated, preventing its flight into the air and thwarting its spread onto work surfaces or machinery.

Opting for wood dust extractors from Auto Extract System not only elevates air quality but ensures your workshop meets stringent health and safety standards. The benefits are countless: wood products gleam with a superior finish, machinery downtime is cut due to a lesser need for upkeep, and the risk of fire caused by dust build-up is significantly diminished.

Learn more about wood dust extraction.


Dust Extraction Systems

Mobile Dust Extraction Units

It may seem inoffensive, but in various industrial and workshop settings, dust accumulation is a substantial health and safety concern. Prolonged exposure to airborne dust can lead to severe problems, including lung disease. Moreover, in certain environments, dust may cause fires and explosions.

Our dust extraction systems are meticulously designed to be versatile, handling everything from fine particulates to heavier wood chips and metal fragments. By removing these particles from the environment, our solutions ensure air quality, protect machinery from abrasive dust, and ensure compliance with health and safety legislation.

Learn more about dust extraction.


Fume Extraction Systems

Fume Cabinets - Image 8

Fume extraction systems are designed to target and remove airborne contaminants like chemical vapours, soldering fumes, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released during manufacturing processes.

Their primary purpose is safeguarding employees’ health by actively capturing fumes at their source and filtering them out before they can diffuse into the workplace air. They employ high-efficiency filtration technologies able to contain even the smallest particles.

Beyond the health benefits, fume extraction systems also contribute to the operational excellence of a facility. These machines protect sensitive devices against corrosive substances and reduce the risk of fire or explosion associated with the accumulation of flammable vapours.

Learn more about fume extraction.


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