Auto Extract Systems have helped Farmers Weekly provide a comprehensive welding fume guide.


Farmers Welding Fume Guide

The guide was put together to help farmers understand and put in place solutions to the risks that derive from welding tasks. The guide explains the HSE legislation reclassification (which was introduced in February 2019) and how to protect farmer’s health from the welding fumes generated from the welding process. The reclassification stated that ventilation does not achieve adequate exposure control and engineering controls need to be provided.

1. Risk assessments

The vast majority of farming businesses only carry out occasional welding repair work meaning the exposure risk is low. Yet, to reduce the risks in the following steps, it’s recommended that risk assessments should always be completed.

2. Welding Fume Solutions (Engineering Controls)

Auto Extract System’s Technical Sales Director, Darren Bell, assisted Farmers Weekly to assemble the best welding fume control solutions, to provide you with a fume-free farm. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) recommend many of these solutions in their welding fume control guidance and include:

3. RPE

Next, it explains how engineering controls should be used as a primary measure to protect staff, but, RPE (respiratory protective equipment) should be used as a secondary measure.

4. Training

Finally, it explains how important thorough welding training is to ensure that the entire operation is safe.

FREE Welding Fume Assessments For Farmers

We’ll call to arrange a convent time and date to visit your site. We’ll analyse your working processes, assess the substances used and the contaminants generated. We’ll workout how best to control the dust and fume in a way that’s in line with your COSHH risk assessment. Next, we’ll design you a comprehensive LEV system that’s adheres to HSG258 guidance and send this you to via email.
We’ll do all this to ensure we fully understand your dust and fume extraction requirements and help you to provide a pollution-free workplace!
This is an amazing service we do for thousands of businesses throughout the UK & Ireland every year. We work with such a wide variety industries, from manufacturing, industrial, woodworking, pharmaceutical and automotive workshops to schools, colleges and military establishments. 
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HSE Weld Fume: Safety Concerns Raised

In our blog, ‘HSE Weld Fume: Safety Concerns Raised‘, we’ve looked at the HSE’s welding fume reclassification in more detail and what it means for businesses.

HSE Weld Fume: Safety Concerns Raised
HSE Weld Fume: Safety Concerns Raised


The Dangers of Welding Fume

Head to our ‘Dangers of Welding Fume blog to learn about all the health effects and dangers welding fume poses to workers, if exposure isn’t controlled.

What are the Dangers of Welding Fume?
What are the Dangers of Welding Fume?


What is Welding Fume Extraction?

We’ve also put together a helpful guide to explain ‘What is Welding Fume Extraction?‘ is, click the link to find lots of helpful information!

What Is Welding Fume Extraction?
What Is Welding Fume Extraction?



Farmers Weekly Full Article

To read the full Farmer Weekly welding fume guide, please click here.

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