Exhaust Fume: Motor Vehicle Workshop

The Client

A local, family-run garage, which covers all areas of vehicle maintenance and repair for both car and commercial vehicles, including MOT testing and tachograph installations. The business prides itself in delivering a high level of customer service, invited Auto Extract Systems to their garage to assess their motor vehicle workshop and make recommendations on an effective LEV (local exhaust ventilation) solution for their vehicle exhaust fume problem.

The managing director was keen to provide a safe and cleaning working environment for staff and ensure that during the cold winter months, the shutters could be closed and the heaters could be turned on to ensure staff’s morale was taken care of.

The Challenge

The challenge was for Auto Extract Systems to supply and installed a new, specialist LEV exhaust fume extraction system that comprised three commercial vehicle extraction points. With three bays in the motor vehicle workshop, it was proposed and agreed that each should be fitted with an all-metal, vehicle exhaust commercial-grade spring recoiled hose reels. The works included removing their existing and ineffective LEV system and install a new, comprehensive system without disrupting the garage’s day-to-day operations.

The Solution

Two of three the reels would feature a 12.5-metre long, 125mm diameter high-temperature, crush-resistant exhaust extraction hose (capable of withstanding fumes up to 170°C) with rubber nozzles that featured a clamp and an integral damper, whilst the third reel should be capable of being used for regeneration. This reel was installed complete with a 12.5-metre long x 125mm diameter high temperature 400°C exhaust extraction hose and a metal nozzle, that featured a clamp and damper for connection to the vehicle.

The reels were all connected via a common duct to a centrifugal fan to safely remove exhaust fume to the atmosphere through a high-velocity cowl, as per the HSG 258: Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work: A Guide to Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) guidance to provide a safer, pollution-free workplace.

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