The Client: Chemical Manufacturer

A chemical manufacturer approached Auto Extract Systems to help provide a safer working environment for their staff. As part of their manufacturing processes, liquid and powder chemicals are mixed in large batching plants to create chemicals on a bulk scale to meet the exact needs of a customer’s order.

The Challenge

The challenge was to adapt and upgrade the chemical manufacturer existing LEV systems for use with the onsite facilities, which included internal mixing gantries and specialist acid handling plant and balanced interceptor tanks with a chemical-resistant, polypropylene fans and ducting, whilst not disrupting their daily working operations too much.

The upgrades would, therefore, prolong the LEV equipment’s life by not corroding with use daily use, protect staff in a workplace where WELs (workplace exposure limits) were within manageable tolerances and also provide the business with LEV systems that met the strict regulations of HSG 258: Controlling Airborne Contaminants at work: A Guide to Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV).

With over 3000 propriety formulations and solutions in their recipe book, which include both acid and non-methylene chloride paint strippers, an effective LEV (local exhaust ventilation) system to safely capture and remove vapour from the workplace was essential.


The Solution

A new high-duty, anti-spark and chemical-resistant polypropylene centrifugal fan was installed for the chemical manufacturer in place of the existing and strained axial fan to provide adequate airflow rates across their 5-point extraction system. The fan was relocated to a new external position (from inside the building) and was mounted on AV mounts. The fan was connected to chemical-resistant polypropylene ducting with flexible inlet/outlet connections to prevent vibration distortion rising through the chimney stack. All redundant equipment, ducting and bracketry was also taken down and dismantled.

The Feedback from the Chemical Manufacturer

The businesses managing director praised Auto Extract System’s team, stating: “We selected Auto Extract Systems as a key partner to specify and install a system that either meets or exceeds both regulatory and our internal standards.”


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